Andre Eichhorn - Team member of IMC

Andre Eichhorn IMC team member

IMC Team member & Director AE Engineering

Andre Eichhorn is based in Germany and has more than 20 years of experience in the plastics industry – primarily in the injection moulding sector. Apprenticed in Engineering as a toolmaker & designer. Dipl. Ing.(FH) degree from Bielefeld University in Germany.

I am a business, technical manager and technical consultant, working in the injection moulding industry for midsize and large corporations across all industries predominantly for Medical, Automotive & Telecommunications. My roles include technical as well as senior management positions in Design For Manufacturing, Tooling Engineering and Tool Standard Development.

My customer base includes the brand OEM as well as their supply base such as moulders and mould tool makers. Notably, I established and led the Supplier support team at FourTec in Germany as part of the implementation of an advanced tooling manufacturing capability for what was the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Key person in founding AST Technology and growing the team and its customer base in Germany, Europe and the United States.

I am able to bring the skills and experience needed in supporting, developing, implementing and managing technical and business solutions and have experience in industries that have undergone considerable growth and change.

Profile summary

  • Strong technical, business, operations and innovation background
  • International experience (based in Germany and traveled frequently in Europe, Asia and the US for active, technical support, management and strategic planning related activities
  • Managed European based teams and functions
  • Deep experience in DFM, plastic injection tooling and injection moulding processing
  • Flow simulation and Siemens NX10 CAD system
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Troubleshooting specialist for problems on component design and tooling within injection moulding production.
  • Professionalism, drive, adaptable & motivator for technical teams
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